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Glycerol, The liberated Glycerol goes into the blood and through a dilution process. Glycerol will diffuse widely and rapidly throughout the total body water, disappears from the blood steam and appears in urine. The time before glycerol disappears is estimated to be about 30 mins. Glycerol is hence rapidly exerted in the urine. Additionally, after being released from the Fat cells, Glycerol is passed through the bloodstream for return of the liver for conversion into a useful energy source – Glucose

In the Liver, Some of the Free Fatty Acids are converted to the blood. Without a statistically increase in cholesterol levels. Some Free Fatty Acids combine with Oxygen to produce energy needed. The ultimate destination of the released Fatty Acid is to the mitochondria of your cells that require energy.  The Mitochondria is the powerhouse of every cell.

Free Fatty Acids
Once the Free Fatty Acid leaves the fat cell, it enters the space between the cells. It is then absorbed by the lymphatic system, (sewer system) bound to the albumin, transported via lymph vessels to the lymph nodes, broken down via lipases, and dumped into the circulatory system where the fats can then be processed by the liver (Fatty Acid Oxidation).

How it all works